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Making the Best out of Unemployment
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For some time now, I've been harping on the bogus government unemployment statistics. At the very minimum, 17%, if not 20% of the workforce is either out of work or seriously underemployed. These figures don't begin to tell half the story because the cast of characters who make up the pool of unemployed workers is constantly changing. What I mean by that, is that Joe Smith might be unemployed today but when he gets a job next week, chances are that another American, maybe his wife or his neighbor, will replace him on the unemployment line. This recession could very well inflict periodic unemployment on as many as one out of every three workers. So, given those odds, it's worthwhile to muse on how best to deal with a pink slip. Not to minimize the trauma of dealing with a major loss of income or having to put your career on hold, but there is a silver lining or those who have mastered the art of cheap living. If you've saved your pennies and have a low cost lifestyle, a few months off with unemployment insurance can end up being like a welcome sabatical.

Here's 7 ways to kick back and make the best of it.

Physically Fit:

While your former co-workers grind out the late nights trying to hold on to their jobs, you'll be free to spend endless hours on the treadmill, taking yoga classes, or pumping some serious iron. In a few months, you'll be looking buff while they'll be complaining that they haven't seen the inside of the gym since Bush was President. The real payback comes when you head to the beach next summer. Being in top physical condition might help you land a great job.  That unemployment compensation isn't much but you'll look like a million bucks.

World Travel:

While that unemployment compensation keep coming in, you could be spending them in New Zealand or Argentina and taking advantage of super cheap off-season rates. If any of your resumes get pulled they can still contact you via email or leave a voicemail.  Realistically, is anyone going to call you back?  And you can bring  your laptop to apply for another 5 jobs each day before you head to the art museum. In this economy, chances are that it will take time to land another job, so why worry? Take in the grandeur of the pyramids or the Taj Mahal before you have to return to the 40 hour work week.

Bond with your Family:

While both your nuclear and extended family took a back seat as pressing deadlines kept you at the office way past 5 o'clock, your new schedule will have you licking ice cream cones with the kids and actually spending quality time with your spouse. In fact, you may see so much of your family that they start handing out your resume on street corners and try to convince you that you need more than your unemployment compensation.

Doc Me Up:

Another great health benefit is your ability to see a whole host of doctors that you were too busy for when you punched the clock every day. With your temporary COBRA benefits, you'll be getting as much medical attention as you can handle and making certain that you have no big issues. You never know, your lay-off might just save your life.

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