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Personal Finance - Education
Written by livecheap staff   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 06:08

Here's today's best personal finance, living cheap, and frugal articles on the web. From soaring San Francisco real estate prices (yup, it's happening again) to the potential end of cheap car rental rates. (Yesterday's Is Included also due to linking error).

Tips for getting into contract by Friday’s Tax Credit Deadline

It might not be easy but it’s not impossible to meet the deadline for Friday’s Tax Credit. Run don’t walk and you still have a chance to pull it off.

When it comes to Real Estate - It’s a Buyer’s Market

What caught our eye in this article is a little factoid - “the gap between monthly rents and mortgage payments is at its lowest level in 20 years.” Start with that and read on.

Cash In Refinance Activity Skyrockets

What’s a ‘Cash In’ refinance - it’s the new trend in refinancing. Instead of taking equity out when they refinance, savvy consumers are bringing a check to lower the amount they refinance. Find out why.

Home Price Index Shows First Gain in Three Years

The reported rise in price could be a temporary blip because of the expiration of the $8000 Tax credit or it could be real. Notice what the article says about San Francisco real estate leaping 12%.


Car Rental Consolidation: Why those Thrifty Rates May Be a Thing of the Past

If you love low car rates, they might be a thing of the past. Hertz just announced their intention to acquire Dollar/ Thrifty. Savvy travelers know that both Dollar and Thrifty tend to be the spoilers in car rental markets. The article has a few good points about what it might mean.



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Money Myths and the Importance of Thinking for Yourself

Does money buy your happiness. You might be surprised about the answer.

10 Things All Inclusive Resorts Won't Tell You

You think these are all inclusive but many things aren't covered.

Is It Wrong to Have Your Debts Forgiven?

This article discusses the moral question of bankruptcy to discharge your debts. The article uses Steven Baldwin as an example.

Purging Your Wardrobe:

Get rid of the stuff you don't need anymore.

What You Need to Know Before You Cosign on a Loan

With the new credit rules, this is more and more likely to present itself.


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