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Omie Ismail – Omie is a successful Internet and software entrepreneur, financial expert, avid investor, and family man.  In addition to building successful businesses, he has helped many people improve their personal finances.  Omie writes on a variety of topics for LiveCheap from personal finance, national issues, and real estate.  Mr. Ismail has an MBA from UCLA and a bachelors in Physics from the University of Chicago.

Karl Wolf – Karl is a retired sales executive that writes about the things that aren’t cheap that annoy him.  Karl is also an avid investor but writes mostly on the things that he feels just aren’t right in America.  From tipping to the stock market, Karl doesn’t pull any punches in his writing.

Ahmed Amr – Ahmed is an ardent supporter of stockholder rights especially those of retail investors.  Mr. Amr is author of the book, “The Sheep and the Guardians – A Diary of an SEC Sanctioned Swindle”.  Mr. Amr was instrumental in uncovering fraud in the Syntax-Brillian bankruptcy case and has been commended by the Delaware Courts for his actions.

Eric “El Cheapo” – Silicon Valley high tech worker and master of getting deals on everything from cars to groceries.  Eric earned his nickname from years of buying things at incredibly low prices.  With degrees from Cornell and Stanford, Eric is well schooled but his best degree is in Cheaposity.

Frugal Nomad – Nomad is a world traveler that has visited over forty countries.  Nomad writes about how to travel on the cheap and still have a wonderful time.  Occasionally he likes to comment on politics.  Nomad travels around the world but he calls Seattle home for now.

Cheapo Momma – Mother of three writing about stretching a buck.  Cheapo Momma gives us the recent immigrant view of frugality and how families can get by with less especially on groceries and eating out.

Frugal Grandma – The Frugal Grandma writes about the cheap and simple things in life.  As the proud mother of four children and four grand children, the frugal grandma knows what it is like to stretch a buck and do things for less.  A native of Illinois, the frugal grandma writes about those things that we used to do for less that we should return to again.

The Queen of Frugal Living – Well known by many for her email tips and deals, the Queen of Frugal living lives up to her name.  Based out of Houston, Texas, the Queen regularly snags incredible deals on restaurants, entertainment, and shopping and writes about them.  An educator with an sharp eye for waste, the Queen also writes about the unnecessary expenditures in all levels of education.


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