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Top 5 Cheap Blu-ray Players for Black Friday (Updated)
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Looking for the perfect compliment to your HDTV? Blu-ray prices have plummeted with good quality players now running between $99 and $149. With the cost of discs dropping dramatically, Blu-ray is now a relatively cheap option for good family entertainment. With some of the players streaming Netflix, Amazon on Demand, and other online services, you can now get movies straight to your TV. Interestingly, Samsung, which dominated our Top 5 HDTVs failed to have a showing on the list due to extensive technical issues with their low end Blu-ray players. The following 5 Blu-ray players are your best, cheapest option:

5.Sony BDP-S360 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player $109

Sony has been hit or miss with some of their electronics in the last few years. This entry level Blu-ray has excellent video and audio and a fantastic price. It has a fairly basic remote, but if you have other Sony components, that shouldn't matter much. Upscaling from DVDs is decent but not the best even for a cheap player.

4.JVC Home JVC XVBP1 Blu-ray Disc Player $150

JVC makes a great Blu-ray player that is rock solid with excellent video and audio and few technical problems. Its relatively "high" price without networking keeps it from taking our top spot.But if your main focus is on great looking Blu-rays and very good up-converting, this player is a solid choice.

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